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As linguas suman

At that moment Teucer was flying on his vessel towards the only thing that could not be shattered, towards the only place that had to remain unchanged and be the North for those who are lost. His home, his motherland, his family, he thought, could be the pillars on which he could tie his vessel now adrift, a safe and hidden harbour where he could take refuge in the midst of such pain. He dreamt that once again he could start anew and thus close the circle of his existence and bury forever the memory of past pains. Teucer did not know that his life could never be a circle and that destiny still had a different path ahead for him. His hopeful desire of a new beginning was far, further than the shore he strived for so much. But the gods in their wisdom had hidden such knowledge from him because a mere mortal needs to believe in hope in order not to give up and Teucer held on to it in desperation.
Now he could see what he longed for. Very far still, but visible, was the coast of Salamis. A cry of joy was released from the throats of his companions and he could not restrain himself from doing the same. It was then when the sight of his motherland brought to his mind the recovery of a safer past.

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About this book
This novel is a mythical narration on the character of Teucro, the hero of the war of Troy where fiction is used to review real data conveyed by Ancient sources (with brief references, for example, to Homer, Quinto of Smirna or Sophocles). The author’s background is in Classical literature and therefore is very much familiar with the sources he used to write this story. In this way, there are plenty of motifs of Ancient literature, such as respect for the life of the enemy or the presence of a false beggar. All this imaginative wealth with roots in highly suggestive texts such as the Iliad or the Bible.

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