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A Ghost Collection

The Ghosts of Dodson Hall

In the 1940 England was bombing by the Germans The children left their families and went to safer places.

Sally Brown went to stay in Miss Dodson’s house in Norrick´s village. When she arrived, he put her suitcases in her bedroom and she heard a laughter and she thought: - Children! –

Sally went to kitchen and she saw a boy and a girl running out of the door into the garden. Sally said Wait, don´t go –

The girl surprised said – Mee Lee? - Then she disappeared …

The Priest Hole

Harry is 13.He is going to a boarding school. At the beginning he met Simon and Paul They are living in the same room.

At the first night, while the three boys were sleeping ,a priest went in their room and ordered Harry to pray.

Only Harry could see him, He talked to his prefect but he didn’t believe him.

Sara´s new house

Sara Miller and and her parents moved into a new house. There are three rooms, Sara chose the purple, inside the room there are a bed, a chest of drawers …

In one of the drawers there was a key, she thought: - Is it the key for the attic?-

She went there and she found many boxes, an old mirror, and a dress.

She put the dress in front of her and looked at the mirror, but in the mirror there was another girl with a cruel laughter…

This book has got many activities about the three histories; I recommend it and all students in my class read it and enjoyed it!!

Sofía Ríos Varela - 2º E.S.O. A

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