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Galician: the strength of our love

Galicia is holding once again a new Correlingua, an initiative promoted by several education and language organizations to support the use of Galician language in schools. It started in the capital of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, where 4,000 pupils run in a race ending in the central Obradoiro Square, where the Correlingua manifesto was read.
The Correlingua won't stay in Santiago. It will run through Galicia's main cities and towns for 14 days. Monterrei, in the county of Verín (province of Oursense), will see the Correlingua off after 40,000 students have participated in it.
Other non-recognised nations hold similar events. Such is the case of the Catalan Countries, where is called Correllengua, or Ar Redadeg in Brittany. This year's slogan is taken from a phrase by Galician writer Uxío Novoneyra: "Galician, the strength of our love". It is organized by the Galician Socio-Pedagogical Association (AS-PG), Confederación Intersindical Galega (CIG, Galician trade union), A Mesa pola Normalización Lingüística (Language Normalisation Board), Equipos de Normalización Lingüística and councils from Lugo, Pontevedra, Vigo and Compostela.
According to co-ordinator of the education section of the CIG trade union, Anxo Louzao, the Correlingua is a "recreational event through which language awareness and Galician heritage can be raised among young people".
Language is being a controversial issue ever since the conservative Popular Party gained power in 2009. The new government is trying to force measures to reduce the number of hours of Galician in the schoolrooms. Last April several social and cultural Galician organizations denounced "dismantling policies against Galician language" in Brussels

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